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Emotionally Thriving Not Just Surviving

L.E.A.P. Forward, Blues Program was created to partner with corporations, police precincts and educational institutions to provide crisis intervention tools utilizing network data to spread knowledge on emotional wellness to everyone during these times of change, transition and progress.

The Blues program focuses on learning which individuals are connected and therefore high influencers within their social networks. Connected individuals will participate in a seminar on emotional wellness skills and suicide prevention with a peer-to-peer focus. All individuals will attend an Emotional Wellness and Suicide Prevention seminar.

The goal of L.E.A.P. Forward is building engaged, emotionally stable workplaces and educational institutions which can spread across networks and communities creating positive, durable change. The ultimate goal is to lessen depression, stress, substance abuse and recognize the warning sign of a suicide crisis. As partners, we can drive better outcomes by focusing on self-care, stress reduction and openly speaking about current events and suicide prevention.

It's time to life the silence. The stigma of having an addition, stress, anxiety or suicidal thoughts, means individuals are less likely to admit to self-destructive behaviors. Having programs like L.E.A.P. Forward that provide training and awareness can help diminish self-destructive behaviors when addressed and managed.

When we lose our old normal, L.E.A.P. Forward can be a partner to move forward during times of change, transition and progress, as a new normal begins.

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