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Improving Emotional Wellness and Preventing Suicide

As founder of L.E.A.P. Forward, I have an established career within the healthcare, data analytics, banking and life insurance fields. I have previously demonstrated the ability to plan and deliver large, data critical and technical projects which have ranged between $1M - $9M. I have previously worked with senior management and key stakeholders to move projects forward, meet demanding timelines and drive smooth, predictable project implementations. I will be applying these skills plus previous data and social network analytics experience to bring success to the company and its clients.

I have previously worked with an Australian company that designed and delivered behavior change innovations based upon the proprietary algorithms developed out of the social science laboratory of Dr. Nicholas Christakis at Harvard University.  The experience of working with clients and presenting survey results and network analysis showing positive change was exciting. In light of recent evens and the rise in suicide in our country (including police suicide) I was compelled to create L.E.A.P. Forward. I knew I could use social behavior science and intervention/prevention tools to help reduce self-destructive behavior and encourage real, endurable change that can spread through networks and communities.

Gathering data through a confidential survey will provide insight to an individual's connection with their workplace or educational setting and their social networks.  Individuals who are connected are influential leaders within their communities. L.E.A.P. Forward's goal is to spread knowledge on emotional wellness and move forward to have individuals emotionally thrive not just survive.

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